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Coming soon ... New fantastic three Arte wallcovering collections

Sep 18, 2019

Expedition collection 
Long distance travel and exotic destinations have appealed to our imagination for centuries. 
The smaller the world becomes digitally, the greater the desire grows to really see some of it. 
Egypt, Persia, India, Java, China, … Destinations along the inspiring Silk Road that stimulate all our senses.

Velveteen collection
Intriguing, elegant and luxurious, Velveteen gives your interior the most exclusive touch. 
The soft velvet makes this wallcovering simply irresistible, while the innovative three-dimensional 
technology provides depth and pronounced structure to the wall.

Wildwalk collection 
Join the adventure and discover the looks of the most challenging natural materials. 
After all, the most beautiful products to surround yourself with are to be found in nature. 
Combine these with a touch of high-tech to create the luxurious interior of the 21st century.